57th General Chapter: the report of May 13

479B6087After the break marked by the pilgrimage in the footsteps of St. Camillus, the General Chapter returned to its deliberations. The last week began which, in addition to competing the revision of the Constitution and the General Statutes, will give to the Order the new governing body, the General Consulta. A demanding week when the deliberations in the hall will alternate with many conversations in corridors in order to identify the right members for the next General Consulta. One breathes a climate of great expectation but also of a readiness to work together to equip the Order with instruments that are suited to the present moment in history

13 May marked the completion of the revision of the Constitution with all the articles subject to amendments discussed and, according to the case, either approved or rejected. The primary constitutive organ, thirty years after its approval, has now undergone a restyling that places it in harmony with the development of theological thought and cultural sensibility. In the evening the revision of the General Statutes, an instrument which expounds in a practical way the principles laid down in the Constitution, was begun.

After indicating in the slate of names the candidates to lead the Order, at 17.00 the ballot took place to elect the Superior General. This was a choice that was not easy given the high worth and capacities of Fr. Monks, Fr. Salvatore and Fr. Paleari, but already on the second ballot Fr. Renato Salvatore emerged as Superior General for the six-year period 2013-2019 and was thus confirmed in his post. The embrace of the members of the General Chapter marked the act of submission and a prompt readiness to follow him and to support him during the next six-year period.

The celebration of the Eucharist ended the day. The local Ordinary, Msgr. Marcello Semeraro, visited the General Chapter and joined the members of the General Chapter in celebrating the second election of Fr. Renato.