70 years of Camillian presence in China

tThe Camillian mission in China began because of the Prefecture of Chaotung (Yunnan, south-west China) in 1946 and in response to a request made by the apostolic administrator Msgr. Kerec. Differently from what had been agreed, Chaotung was the seat of the new mission from which missionaries left for further foundations: in Hweitseh, in Kunming and in Kiaokia.Forced to leave the country in 1952, Fr. E. Valdesolo, the Pro-Superior, wrote:‘In abandoning this poor country we feel a sense of profound compassion for its people and above all for its poor sick people. Our bodies will leave them but we will carry them in our hearts while waiting to see them again soon so as to bring them with agreater generosity and spirit of sacrifice the treasures of the charity of Christ’. Anobility of spirit and proof of love that go beyond human disappointment!