A new school of charity- Covid healthcare warriors- Health volunteers

In the month of April, India started battling a devastating a second wave of Coronavirus pandemic that has stretched its healthcare infrastructure to its limit amid surging cases. In this situation the Camillians came forward daringly to respond to the situation and was decided to help the COVID-19 infected patients in the Hospital. Initially it was a team of 20 Camillian religious brothers and fathers and brothers in formation, started giving care to the covid patients in St. Philomena’s Hospital run by the JMJ sisters in Bangalore.

Our initiative opened the wings of a new school of charity, inspired by our initiative many other fathers, sisters and lay people joined us through the Youth association of Archdiocese of Bengaluru. The small initiative that started with only Camillians in a week doubled with, other religious priests, nuns and lay people. We had 120 healthcare volunteers for the COVID-19 Warriors. Thus, a team of 120 now is divided into four teams extended our hands to one more hospital St. Martha’s hospital run by the Good shepherd sisters, St. John’s Medical College which is managed by the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India and St. Joseph COVID Care Centre managed by the Archdiocese of Bengaluru and St. Martha’s Hospital.


The volunteers who come to join the team are given a training that includes basic skill training on taking care of the patients and also on taking care of themselves and fallowing the Covid protocols.

What we have done

As it is pandemic situation the patients have no attainders or family members with them. We become their family members and assist them in their daily activities like brushing, washing, bathing, eating. Sometimes it is sitting and talking to them other times it is holding their hands and accompanying them in their suffering and death. 

What do Patients say

After feeding one patient with folded and tears in his eyes told me “Thank you because of you I could eat today yesterday I did not eat anything”. Another patient after talking “thanks you for sitting and listening to me I feel relaxed and strengthened.’ Another patient after hearing that we have come to help them saluted saying” you are gods “

What hospitals say

‘It is a great help that you are doing, because we are not able to reach to all patients always. Because of your presence our burden is lite, thank you so much.” the administrator St. Philomena Hospital. Thus, this new school of charity is involved in caring for Covid patients as more hospitals are asking for our help and more volunteers are joining us.

Seeing the misery every day in the Hospitals I feel we are doing a great service to the needy. Thanks for the opportunity. Many died and become critical due to lack of care. In our general ward 3 to 4 died in a week due to lack of care, medicine etc… Here a lot of restrictions to reach out. Those who can take of themselves at home itself, could save much lives. We could to families with Covid who would like to avail our help and give a Covid care kit & assist them how to use & monitor.

What’s the outcome?

  • Joy & satisfaction of servicing in time of Crisis
  • Blessings from God & the people you serve
  • Certificate of appreciation as Covid worrier will be give

Bro. Madhu MI