A Postage Stamp of the Italian Postal Service for the Fourth Centenary

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A Byzantine Tone for Camillus de Lellis

16795.immagine1.1A tone  given to him by the icon used for the Italian postage stamp which will honour the saint who died four centuries ago.

The Italian tribute to St. Camillus de Lellis from Abruzzi during the fourth centenary of his death evokes the Byzantine tradition. The effect of a small image created by the issue for the same purposes on 26 May by SMOM was not the same.  We will see when the time comes (still nothing is known, not even the date of the issue) what the Vatican will do. Whatever the case, the 70 cents self-sticking stamp produced by Italy is ready to come out on 14 July, the day when this saint is commemorated and which will mark the end of the jubilee year. It portrays the patron saint of the sick, nurses and hospitals by using the  icon ‘St. Camillus while Comforting a Sick Man’ which was reworked for the occasion by the philatelic centre of the state printers and mint. Today this work, by the painter Amiran Goglidze, is hung in the  ‘Redemptor hominis’ clinic of Tbilisi in Georgia. The number of such stamps that will be produced has been known for some time: two million seven hundred thousand in sheets of forty-five. The Vicar General, Father Paolo Guarise, of the Order of the Ministers of the Sick, that is to say the organisation that brings together the Camllians, contributed to the production of the illustrative bulletin. The franking of the first day will be for the philatelic world of Rome. A second franking, commissioned by the jubilee association named after saint, will be available at the same time in the town where he was born on 25 May 1550:  Bucchianico (Chieti)


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