A Question of Love

in Walter Vinci, #CerchiAmoTe in cammino verso la Pasqua

There is no finer title to summarise this wonderful new day. A question of love.

    Easter is a question of love.

Yes indeed, Christ died for love and for love today rises again. It is only a question of love. There is no other justification to express Easter. He who loves is perennially present. He who loves gives the whole of himself. He who loves suffers for love. He who loves becomes love. He who loves rises again to a new life for love of his people. How beautiful it is to think of Easter as a question of love!

He rose again, as Luke tells us, because he loved (cf. Lk 7:47).

Resurrection, we may say, is written into love. One cannot say this word ‘love’ without saying ‘resurrection’. There is no love if there is no resurrection. This is not something that is artificial – it is reality.

Let us think for a moment. How can we say that Christ rose again, if it was not because he loved and loves? For Christians it is only possible to say love if we utter the word ‘resurrection’. This is the DNA of a Christian.

To say ‘resurrection’ means to say donation, passion and death. And with a word we can say love, in which is enveloped all the mystery of Christ: death, passion and resurrection.

If Christ rose again because of how he loved (this is the journey of Lent that we have followed), this is something that he demonstrated to us: we, too, can rise again because of how we have loved. And if our Lenten journey has been following the pathway of Jesus, we, too, today have risen to a new life.

Let us be love for Christ, with Christ and in Christ. The greeting that we give to each other is not only ‘Happy Easter, Christ has risen’. Indeed, it would be beautiful to say to each other: ‘Happy Easter: Christ has risen because he loved’.

Good wishes of love!