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The public meeting that was held on Saturday afternoon on 25 April in Bucchianico, in the Sala dei Banderesi, on Germana Sommaruga a ‘lay Camillian teacher 1914-1995’ surprised those who had come for two reasons: they learnt about Germana Sommaruga

Christine Sunderland, an American writer, will publish in May her fifth novel whose title is The Magdalene Mystery. For this reason she came to have a final look inside our Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Rome so as to

The  II General Chapter opened in a troubled atmosphere and one full of tensions because of the unresolved ‘question of the hospitals’. Fr. P. Oppertis, the Provincial of Naples, continued his work as a mediator between the religious and the

By the Superna disposizione, a Bull signed by Clement VIII on 29 December 1600, the juridical structure of the Order was further decided upon and the period of tension between its members on how to understand service in hospitals came

Resigning the Position of Superior General In September 1907, Cardinal Ginnasi, the protector of the Order appointed by Pope Pail VI, convoked an assembly in Rome, in his presence, in order to study remedies for the increasing difficulties that obstructed