CADIS – An appeal to people of goodwill from our haitian confreres

Today, we have organized two meetings with the sisters and confreres and the other with some of the hospital staff and officers. Since yesterday, August 15 (Sunday), we begin receiving patients from the South following my visit to the hospital of La Paix yesterday afternoon. I met the one in charge of the state ambulances transporting victims from the airport to the hospital of La Paix. Seeing the limited space in that hospital, I offered them to bring the patients to our hospital at Saint Camille free of charge. We will take care of these patients together with their parents or immediate family.

To fast-track our actions, we decided to: search in our warehouses all that we have, such as food supplies, clothing, sheets, toiletries, medicines, orthopedic equipment, and other necessary items. We will also buy food supplies and emergency medicines.

After visiting our warehouses, we went to buy food supplies to prepare food kits to go to the South to spend four days helping with the earthquake survivors. These kits will be distributed to the people to help them through this difficult time. We intend to go with a team of volunteer employees to carry out these activities to benefit the survivors. We are still looking for more volunteers to join the team. We are counting on the support of humanitarian organizations and generous individuals to help us go further and reach more families in need.

The population needs all kinds of things necessary for the life of a human being. We continue to sensitize men and women of goodwill to find ways to help survivor families. People are exposed to live under the stars during the night, and worse, there is cyclone Grace approaching the country. We are very threatened, and the big South’s population counts on the men and women of goodwill who will help them. We, the Camillians, want to help with the available means we have, hoping that others will come to support us and help the population become more resilient by providing shelter, food, medicines, orthopedic and physical therapy equipment, hygiene kits, etc.

May Saint Camillus intercede for us, and the Spirit of the Lord enlighten us to perform better and meaningful gestures.



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