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After spending the first Sunday of the General Chapter in fraternity, its members returned to immersing themselves in their deliberations. There began today the first of the two decisive weeks which will witness subjects of the agenda being addressed (the

The chairman of the day was Fr. E. Blasi. The morning was dedicated to group work as a response to the reports of the Offices of the Curia and the General Secretariats and above all to the Status Ordinis. The answers

Today, 8 May, at 10:30 am, has been elected the Definitoriy, the Consulta ad interim encharged to lead the Chapter and to guide the Order until the election of the Superior General and the Consulta. Father Frank Monks has been elected Headmaster

After the break marked by the pilgrimage in the footsteps of St. Camillus, the General Chapter returned to its deliberations. The last week began which, in addition to competing the revision of the Constitution and the General Statutes, will give

In the sign of continuity, the members of the General Chapter have confirmed Father Renato Salvatore as General Superior. Tomorrow comments and interviews will follow. We wish Father Renato a renewed hope of good work.