Our young ‘Venerable Nicolino’ continues his ‘extraordinary priestly mission’ from high up in heaven!!!…and this is not only a ‘metaphor…a pious wish’: these are real facts which are frequently observed. The latest announcement comes to us directly from Fr. Felice

Taken from La civiltà cattolica, ‘Nicola d’Onofrio. Un religioso studente di oggi’, 17 March 2001, 152, 3618 Some years ago, Divo Barsotti observed that in every social condition – priests and religious, the married and the celibate, nuns and housewives

Andrea Cardone, Quando l’amore prega, pp. 128-129 Spread out on a pile of cushions, which helped his difficult breathing – writes Fr. Degli Angeli, who was close to Nicolino during his last night – white, with large black eyes, made