Como Zero – The chaplains of Sant’Anna and those phone calls to the family members of the Covid patients 11/04/20

From the internet site:

A mother or grandfather taken away in an ambulance or left at the emergency section of a hospital without any opportunity to be at their side. After a while the mobile phone is no longer working. Members of the family, relatives and friends are overcome with very human doubts: will the doctors make an examination? Has something happened?

Health-care staff, overwhelmed by the covid-19 emergency, understandably cannot always provide very quick information or even only some words of comfort for those who have stayed at home and do not know what is happening. Beyond the strictly health aspect, the coronavirus has also brought with it the human drama of no longer knowing anything, perhaps for hours, about one’s sick relatives.

Three chaplains providing service at the city hospital immediately acted as a bridge between families and the closed-off wards of Sant’Anna Hospital before, in March, the hospital managed to organise a telephone line for the problem:  Father Alessandro Viganò, Father Fabio Giudici and Father Chrispino Wasike.

    A small but very important drop of care for our neighbours reported by the Como journalist of Libero Fabrizio Biasin in a post on his Facebook profile and which Father Viganò agreed to talk about personally, with the premiss that makes it even more precious: “we have not done great things, we only made ourselves available”.