Conversion of Saint Camillus: inauguration of the work by Piergianni Urbanucci

This work, which portrays the conversion of St. Camillus in the Valle dell’Inferno of 2 February 1575, will be placed at the entrance of the area of the ‘Conversion in the Valley’ on 6 February at 11.30 after the Holy Mass held at 10.00 in the Church of St. Mary of the Graces celebrated by the Archbishop of Manfredonia. The creator of the work, the artist Piergianni Urbanucci of Bucchianico, who has given the work as an act of devotion to St. Camillus for the health of his wife AnnaRita, will also be present.

The work will be blessed by Archbishop Msgr. Moscone himself. The artist Urbanucci is also producing works on the Via Crucis and the Way of St. Camillus which will be placed in the same area. In a short time the programme for the Days of Conversion will also be issued. This year this event will be celebrated for the first time during the weekend after 2 February, namely on 5-6 February.

The rules relating to Covid rule out pilgrimages by bus but a group of faithful of the region who practise devotion to St. Camillus, and perhaps some cars from Bucchianico, will nonetheless come to San Giovanni Rotondo.