Coronavirus: the initiatives promoted by the Camillian Province of Spain

The Coronazón Campaign

At the present unprecedented time of socio-health-care emergency, the San Camilo de Tres Cantos Centre has asked for the cooperation of citizens through a campaign to obtain donations to add to equipment and other resources. CLICK HERE


The RTVE programme #EDirecto visits our St. Camillus residence

After seeing our work done to deal with the pandemic, the television channel RTVE visited our centre to do a TV programme. At the present time our health-care team is strongly motivated and is putting ‘more heart in those hands’. It is behaving in an exemplary way in terms of professionalism, readiness to help and service. This enables us to continue to follow St. Camillus as we wish.

Daily prayers

On our Youtube channel you can follow our daily prayers.

Prayer for the loss of a loved one because of the pandemic

 “Oración de despedida ante la pandemia” de José Carlos Bermejo desde San Camilo

El experto en duelo y representante de la orden camiliana ofrece este rezo a quienes lo necesiten ante una pérdida de un ser querido



The St. Camillus listening centre also takes care of children at home

We are aware of the difficulties of having children at home day after day and constantly receiving messages about the coronavirus. The information that children receive is dealt with by them according to the stage of their development and this is not always done in an adequate way. If we add to this the impossibility of offloading all their energy, we can encounter problems. In addition to fear, children can be unstable, nervous, insecure and all of this can lead to situations of irritability felt by parents or not knowing what to do. To alleviate this situation, we opened the e-mail address, to which one can have access to express one’s worries. The person entrusted with answering these e-mails is the specialist Consuelo Santamaría and this person will decide whether an answer by e-mail is sufficient or whether a telephone call is required. A reply will be given to ALL e-mails and if this is necessary we will speak with children by telephone or even by Skype.


Video of thanks for our workers at the St. Camillus Centre

With this video José Carlos Bermejo wants to thank the workers at the St. Camillus centre at a time when we need each other.