Coronavirus – the St. Camillus listening centre of Rome has activated its service for psychological and spiritual suppor


This prolonged period of compulsory staying at home is severely testing the psychological, physiological and spiritual dimensions of every individual and family unit. This is a part of human limitations. We do not always have available those necessary resources that enable us to re-establish our equilibrium. When sadness, fear, anxiety, nerves, dismay and a feeling of being abandoned have emerged during these days, more than ever we have needed to talk, we have needed friendly words and clear information through support that is also skilled and informed.

The St. Camillus Listening Centre of Rome, with the help of specialised, but above all affable, figures of various sectors, offers you free help.*

Supporto spirituale/religioso 06.4818188. p. Sergio
tutti i giorni
dalle 9:30 alle 13:00
e dalle 15:30 alle 20:00

Supporto psicologico 333.2404316
Dott.ssa Massei
dal lunedì al venerdì
dalle 18:00 alle 20:00

Supporto medico
Dott.ssa Modesto – Dr.Nesi
tutti i giorni
dalle 14:00 alle 16:00

Oppure invia una mail a: centroascoltosancamilloroma @gmail. com
per esporre la tua richiesta di supporto
e/o per programmare un appuntamento telefonico