Essay on Mourning and the Narration of the Terminally Ill

    The doctoral thesis of Agustín Bado ‘Essay on Mourning and the Narration of the Terminally Ill. Anthropological and Philosophical Milestones for the Accompanying of People at the end of their Lives and in Mourning’.

     The purpose of this work is through philosophical analysis to draw near to the various manifestations and experiences of mourning in human existence, addressing various subjects associated with psychology, anthropology, ethics and philosophy. In particular, the aim is to find instruments with which to accompany people at the end of their lives and when in mourning.

To achieve this goal, the approach adopted is based upon phenomenology combined with hermeneutics. The intention of the author is to draw near to mourning as it expresses itself and is experienced beginning with the experiences of people afflicted by the death of a loved one, without omitting those who are dying because of a serious illness and those who treat them or accompany them.

The work as a whole is divided into three parts:

  • Pain, its representation and conceptualisation
  • The end of life
  • Mourning, narration and survival