Fr. Felice Ruffini, Il mio San Camillo, Religiosi Camilliani, 2020


The author offers a confession: ‘I never had the intention of writing a serious and well documented biography of my Saint Father Camillus because I well know that there are formidable such biographies and as ‘the last in the line’ certainly nobody expected one of me! If those who are reading want to know something about the source of this ambition of mine, in summarising form here is what I write more broadly inside the volume’

…It was not a revelation but at the age of seven years and eight months to hear inside you a mysterious voice that wants you to be a priest is not something that you read about only in books about saints, it is something that also happens to you…And thus with the ‘human career’ discourse closed I was an altar boy in our Church of St. Mary Magdalene, going freely and pleasantly about all the ‘Sacred Places of Father Camillus’, with daily contacts with the imposing figures of elderly and learned priests which, mixed with the ‘Celebrations for the Second Centenary of the Canonisation’, for this poor and wretched child was like an overwhelming river that rained down on him what there was to know about the ‘Saint of Charity’: it overwhelmed him and imprisoned him…


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