‘His total overflowing irruption is accompanied by a joy that is nothing else but the exultation of the saved, the joy of the shipwrecked man saved in time. With this difference, however, that it is precisely at the moment that I am hoisted towards salvation that I gain awareness of the mud in which I was immersed without knowing it, and that I ask myself, seeing myself in it up to my waist, how it was that I was able to live in it and breathe it in…

Everything is dominated by the presence of He whose Name I will never be able to write without fear of wounding His tenderness, He in front of whom I have the good fortune to be a forgiven son, who awakes to find that everything is a gift…

After Christmas had been sung, I had to pass through the things, the stone and the asphalt of a world which slyly regained its consistency. And there was a Good Friday, a holy Saturday, the silence in which a cry of anxiety also dies. Incapable of revolt, excluded from the shelters of doubt, I lived with this dagger in my chest, knowing that God is Love…

‘God-Love, to speak about you eternity will be too short’

André Frossard, Dio esiste. Io l’ho incontrato (‘God Exists. I Met Him’)


With words and feelings of comforting realism, of daily Christian hope, of the convert André Frossard, we also wish you a serene Christmas in the Lord

KIA mosaici  - Natività

KIA mosaici – Natività

God-with us, and courageous resistance in the New Year, 2015!