Health and Development: Tenkodogo post-primary and secondary school for minors

Thanks to the funding of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI) and with the funds of the 8×1000, the Onlus ‘Health and Development’ has launched the ‘Post-primary and Secondary School for the Minors of Tenkodogo’ Project. This is because in Burkina Faso, in the area of Tenkodogo, instruction is a right for the few. The lack of structures and classrooms means that the high number of children who live in the area do not attend school and do not continue with their studies.

This initiative has led to the creation, equipping and beginning of courses of a post-primary and secondary school. The school has two floors: on the ground floor the classrooms are used for post-primary courses and on the upper floor the classrooms are used for courses of the secondary school.

The post-primary school lasts for three or four years and prepares the pupils for secondary instruction or professional life, and ends with a diploma in basic education. The secondary course lasts for three years and ends with the award of a BAC diploma (premier diplôme universitaire) by which the girls and boys can go on to university courses.

Thanks to this project, 480 students who have ended their primary cycle of education at nearby schools have an opportunity to continue with their studies at a post-primary or secondary level.

In addition to school activities, a campaign of sensitization and information has been launched in the surrounding schools in order to encourage the enrolment of pupils in the post-primary schools, with the involvement of the parents of the pupils, people who have demonstrated awareness of the importance of their children carrying on with their studies.

For greater information we invite you to visit the page of the Onlus ‘Health and Development’ which for years has worked at the side of the Camillians and drawn inspiration from the great humanity of St. Camillus towards the sick, the poor and those most in need..