Invocation to the Holy Spirit for the next General Chapter

O Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and the Son, we invoke you to descend into the depths of hearts. Enlighten our minds and keep your fire burning in our hearts!

You enlightened St. Camillus to found a Company of pious and dedicated men who, not for personal interests, but freely and for the love of the Lord, would serve the sick with the love of a mother caring for her sick child.

It is you, O Holy Spirit of God, who inspires our Order to always look at the past with gratitude in order not to lose our roots and the vigilant discerners of Your passage in our history.

It is You, who invites us to live the present with passion, burning with the same flame of love that led St. Camillus to serve the suffering with charity, overcoming the shadows that obscure us to know well the time in which we are living, recognizing in it a time of special Grace.

Finally, You commend us, to embrace the future with hope, with great certainty that you will always be with us, O Spirit of God, guiding our steps, encouraging us to fraternal life and dialogue among the Provinces.

O Holy Spirit, sweet consoler of the soul, descend again in us! Pour out all goods and the will to work on it and through the intercession of St. Camillus, the lover of the red cross of love and in the image of the Good Samaritan, make us laborers in the vineyard, the Church.

To Mary, our Mother of Health of the Sick, we trust in our willingness to do the Will of the Father, so that the charism may be preserved and shared, and that love may spread and do good works. Amen!