Josè Carlos Bermejo – Espiritualidad y salud. Diagnostico y cuidado espiritual

We are witnessing a reawakening of spirituality, and at the same time a discrediting of the religious dimension of human beings. In different contexts we experience sensitivity to the most intimate part of the heart, to the intangible. This is true in the world of health.

Spirituality responds to the relational dynamics of human being, where a good part of our health is at stake. With God or without God, many people feel that in situations of fragility, especially when we care for one another, it is necessary to have an integral, multidimensional face, in which the spiritual occupies its corresponding place.

These pages propose a new look at spirituality and its links to health, illness, dying. We diagnose and take care of ourselves physically. We must do so in the spiritual as well. Spirituality, beliefs, health and suffering are connected. Aspects related to spirituality and beliefs can affect a person’s biological life, including their prolongation and quality of life. In this book, we also explore some keys to spiritual accompaniment with an explicitly Catholic identity.