Lay Camillian Family International Central Commission Meeting in Rome 12-14 February.

The LCF C.C. met for their second meeting in Rome from 12/02/2015 to 14/2/2015


Lay Camillian Family International Central Commission

Finance, Formation and Communication, three of the themes that emerged at the LCF General Assembly at Mottinello in May 2014, were the focus of this second meeting, though the primary focus was to finalise the opening of a Current Account in the name of the LCF International.

A current account has been successfully opened at the Credito Valtellinese Bank. We are very thankful to the General Consulta, for facilitating this. We particularly thank Fr Laurent and Br Jose Ignatio for their collaboration and assistance which was instrumental in opening this account.

In relation to Formation, the team revisited the work already accomplished by the outgoing C.C. on a second Formation Manual. It was hoped that this manuel would be completed for the 4th Centenary year of the death of St Camillus. This second manual is intended as a resource for ongoing / continuing spiritual development of LCF members. There are 12 submissions, all of which are available in Italian, 1 in English, 3 in French and 8 in Spanish. Many thanks to all who contributed to these translations. Marie-Christine, welcomes volunteers available to assist her with further translations to contact her.

In the meantime, the C.C. will work towards ensuring all submissions are available in the 2 official languages of the Order – Italian and English. The CC propose to publish these Chapters on the Lay Camillian Family page of the Order’s website ( as the translations are completed. This is an interim measure as we continue to prepare the Manual in its entirety for publication, as a Formation manual, will take much longer.

Communications is central to the success of all our endeavours within the LCF. The C. C team are in regular communication with one another, via email, skype, Whatsapp and SMS. We were not familiar or adept at using some of these methods of communication. It was not so difficult and didn’t take too long to become familiar in their use and we now feel we can recommend their use to all LCF’s. The cost involved is minimal. Anita would like assistance from volunteers with IT expertise. to form a subcommitte for Communications and to develop the LCF page on the Camilliani website.


The Central commision can be contacted as follows: (Maria Bako)