Living and dying of love – the Venerable Nicola d’Onofrio (Camillian)

From the presentation

More than 50 years after the death of Nicola, the memory of Nicola is alive in the heart of a growing number of persons who todoy enjoy the immense spiritual joy deriving from the decree of Pope Francesco with which in 2013 he declared Nicola the servant of God, mean to say, worthy to be imitated as the exemplary model of Christian life.

In this new context, and during the extraordinary jubilee of the mercy the reprinting of the biography of Nicola D’Onofrio comes to light. In a few pages, the reader will find condensed the human and spiritual life of a young boy who offered his life with joy in the religious family of St. Camillus De Lellis. This writing is intended to reach all, particularly the youth, so that urged by Nicola they let themselves be attracted and transformed by the merciful love of God.

We sincerely thank Fr. Felice Ruffini, our excellent author, not only for this and other texts on Nicola D’Onofrio but also for having conducted in these years an accurate and passionate research which is the foundation of this writing, for which we wish a great diffusion.