Love & Commitment to the Most Vulnerable: Camillian Faith in Action

Last February 11, 2022, CADIS International organized a virtual conference on the occasion of the 30th World Day of the Sick, entitled “Love and commitment to the most vulnerable: the Camillian faith in action.”

The past two years have been particularly challenging due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Camillians’ relief and recovery assistance has never stopped. They are deeply in love with and configured to their original inspiration in the spirit of the Camillian Martyrs of Charity in the grace of God; always at the side of the most vulnerable.

The different testimonies of the Camillians and beneficiaries were intertwined in a long journey through the voices from the grassroots, from the south to the north, voices that faced the challenges of the time and took them as opportunities for growth. READ MORE