Message from the Camillians of East African Countries

We the East African Delegates and formators in communion with the provincials of our mother provinces with the presence of the General Government of our Order especially the General Superior Fr. Leocir Pessini and the Vicar General Fr. Laurent Zoungrana came together in a fraternal meeting of the East African countries; Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It has taken place in the Camillian Community, Nairobi, Kenya on 28th and 29th of November 2017.  The presence of the Superior General along with the Vicar General was a brilliant opportunity for the East Africa to come together and build the Camillian spirit in connection with the whole Order. The meeting was anchored on a need for collaboration of these three delegations in two particular areas: formation and ministry. We discussed the reality of the respective Delegations especially regarding formation, the Hopes and Challenges, and the necessity of collaboration in formation and ministry and the way ahead.

One of the reflections that we all agreed during our discussion was that in a time when the modern world come together as a single entity (globalization)  and build a universal home it is fitting that the Camillians in East Africa take enough care to build an East African Camillian family. It invites us to see the grace in the interculturality without losing the alertness of the challenges in it. The passage from Ethno Centrism to interculturality is paramount in bringing unity in diversity and communion in the different cultures in this part of the Camillian World. It challenges us to focus on the future by a revitalization of the initial and ongoing formation as well as the Camillian ministry. Such challenge invites us to a further focus on building mutual trust and confidence among ourselves to bring transparency in our relationships and material goods and to go back to the spirit of our Founder St. Camillus. It is only then we shall be free in serving Christ in the poor Sick as Camillians.

As we journey through the month of November in which we commemorate our brothers and sisters gone before us we remember the visit of our “sister death” (St. Francis of Assisi) who took away our four confreres from Uganda and Kenya in the recent past namely Frs. Richard Lubaale, Shibin Joseph, Richard Mutuku and Stephen Kavita.  May they rest in Peace!

As we approach the Christmas we wish our confreres and formees all the joys, hope and blessings of our heavenly father St. Camillus and Mary Health of the Sick.

Nairobi, 29th November 2017