Message of the Extraordinary General Chapter of the Camillians

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Dearest confreres, members of the grand family of St. Camillus and friends,  greetings from the Capitulars who convened at Ariccia.

The extraordinariness of this General Chapter celebrated on June 16-21 2014 was born from a painful event that involved the Order in these past months and resulted to the resignation of the Superior General from his office.

The Extraordinary General Chapter which we have celebrated with delegations of the Institute, demonstrates an understanding of the disappointment felt by the individual confrere and those who work on our side.

Nevertheless, we are experiencing that the extraordinariness of this capitular convocation has generated among us religious at all latitudes a renewed sense of belongingness, of unity and communion. To us, religious capitulars, we were emboldened by the passion and the will to revitalize our Camillian religious life through an election of the new central government.

We experienced the particular closeness of the Church by the presence of some of its authorized representatives; and this solicitousness we are aware and grateful. We are then spurred to respond in a concrete way to this ecclesial motherhood aggrandizing the mysteric fire of our charism especially in the fourth centenary of the death of the Founder St. Camillus.

Together with all the members of the grand Camillian family, and to all those who share the passion for the man who is fragile and sick (cf. Mt 25:36), we,  moved by the appeals of Pope Francis, desire to concretize more our involvement to the needs of the suffering man and to the new social emergencies.

In a special way, we encourage our young ones in formation, to continue the vocational journey with courage, determination and joy in order to put always more hearts into their hands.

We express our gratitude to the members of the outgoing Consulta who had tried to guarantee serenity and unity in the Order.

We extend a special greeting to all the sick, who continue to be our “lords and masters, as St. Camillus evoked and lived, and to all those who have always, in a  special way in the recent months, not cease to support us with their trust and prayers.

We invoke upon us and upon you the blessings of God through the intercession of St. Camillus and Mary, the mother and queen of the Ministers of the Infirm.

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