Nepal Update 16/07/15

11709934_903508939695918_3182793408376571422_oSeeing these faces that are waiting and praying, today, the second CTF team from India is departing for Kathmandu to start the second phase intervention. The team is composed of four: Fr. Siby, Felix, Manju and Chand. Chand will join them in Kathmandu on July 23 while Fr. Sam and hopefully Bro. Luca in September. Fr. Siby, together with Felix and Manju are now traveling to Nepal. Tomorrow, they will join the Country Forum meeting of Caritas and other networks. Then they will conduct a new round of assessment for verification of needs of survivors. They 11416364_903508906362588_6309068103532097213_oare expected to establish the CTF Base camp in Nepal to assure continuity of our presence up to one year. Please keep them in your prayers.