New governance of the Ngo Health and Development Onlus

Salute e Sviluppo ( is an Italian association established in 1996 by the General Consulta of the Order of the Ministers to the Sick (Camillians). The NGO is inspired by the evangelical values and charism of St. Camillus de Lellis and its mission aims to promote cooperation projects for developping countries in health and developpemtn fields around the world, especially in countries where the Camillian Order and the Female Religious Institutes of the Camillian Charismatic Family operate. For twenty-five years, under the presidency of its founder, Father Efisio Locci, SeS has promoted development projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, mainly in the socio-healthcare sectors (building hospitals, medical centres), education (literacy and training) and in the primary sector (agriculture and livestock) in partnership with the Provinces, Vice-Provinces and Delegations of the Order, active in over 40 countries, with their health care infrastructures. SeS works mainly in Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam. and still maintains a connection in Benin, Togo, Somalia, Thailand, Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

Since 2001, Salute e Sviluppo has been recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and has been registered in the AICS (Italian Development Cooperation Agency) list of civil society organisations (CSOs) , eligible to submit international cooperation initiatives for developing countries.

In June 2021, Father Efisio Locci resigned as President to the General Assembly due to health reasons.

In the General Order’s House, headquarters of Salute e Sviluppo, on 14th September 2021 was held the ordinary assembly to renew the association’s executive board, in accordance with the statute.

For the new three-year period 2021-2024, the new executive board members elected are: Father Felice de Miranda, Father Efisio Locci, Brother José Ignacio Santaolalla Sáez, Brother Carlo Mangione and Mrs Mariella Oggioni. Within the Council, it is remarkable the presence of four Camillian religious, two of whom are General Consultors of the Order. In accordance with the statute of the association, the assembly also named Dr Peppino Profeta as the sole auditor, duly registered in the register of auditors, as the guarantor of the association’s work.

Afterwords, the new Board of Directors met up again to designe the position within the Council. Father Felice de Miranda has been elected as President and Legal Representative, B.José Ignacio Santaolalla Sáez as Vice-President, and B. Carlo Mangione as Secretary.

On behalf of the Camillian Order, we would like to thank Father Locci and wishes to the new Council success in carrying out the activities of the Association with renewed commitment.

Fr. Carlo Mangione, Fr. José Ignacio Santaolalla Sáez, P. Felice De Miranda, P. Efisio Locci, Mariella Oggioni