Newsletter N. 29 – The Camillian World Seen from Rome…and Rome seen from the world


Introduction to the fourth Letter addressed by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life to all consecrated men and women: Proclaim. To Consecrated  Men and Women: Witnesses to the Gospel amongst Peoples (ANNUNCIATE. Ai consacrati e alle consacrate testimoni del Vangelo tra le genti).

Dearest brother and sisters,

14682030_1145806625484351_5857121741150660016_o     In our hearts we hear the echoes of the celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life, with the constant invitation addressed to us by Pope Francis: wake up the world, follow the Lord in a prophetic way, be proclaimers of the joy of the Gospel. In his exhortations, we hear anew the living statement of St. John Paul II: ‘The Church needs the spiritual and apostolic contribution of renewed and reinvigorated spiritual life’

Very many are the positive echoes that have reached this Congregation regarding the experiences in Rome of consecrated men and women from all the continents of the world during the course of the Year of grace for the Church: the prayer vigils with which we began all the convocations; the celebrations of the Eucharist with which we ended each one of them; the ecumenical meeting of consecrated people of various Churches; the meeting of  men and women who provide formation; the meeting for young consecrated people; the special time which brought together in communion all forms of consecrated life. The Holy Father Francis accompanied every event with a familial and fraternal dialogue, pointing to the broad horizons and the prophetic character of a life lived in the form of the Gospel of the Church.

   For this event of the Spirit we give thanks to God who is ‘good, all good, the supreme good’. Our gratitude is also extended to those who worked with passion to plan and animate this special time and to those who responded to the call to the See of Peter to live this event under the sign of unity. Special thanks go to Pope Francis for giving us the gift of this Year and accompanying us during this time as the Successor to Peter and consecrated to God like us.

 SANTINO    We continue today our pathway of thought – followed together through the Letters Rejoice, Peer, and Contemplate. It halts to read the missio Dei as a mystery entrusted by Christ to his Church and confirmed at Pentecost with the power of the Holy Spirit: ‘But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth’ (Acts 1:8). Every form of consecrated life receives, welcomes and lives this call as a constituent element of the special sequela Christi. The final exhortation of Perfectae caritatis, fifty years after its promulgation (28 October 1965), echoes with fruitful vivacity: ‘Let all religious, therefore, rooted in faith and filled with love for God and neighbour, love of the cross and the hope of future glory, spread the good news of Christ throughout the whole world so that their witness may be seen by all and our Father in heaven may be glorified (Matt. 5:16)’. Pope Francis is accompanying us on this return with an inspiring and performative language which he uses constantly both for the universal Church and for our form of life. We will continue with the dialogue with all consecrated men and women that was carried forward in the previous Letters so that our intelligence, hearts and decisions can be fertile with life and can bring to fruition the insights of the Year of Consecrated Life.

To you all, consecrated men and women, we express gratitude for your dedication to God, a ray of divine beauty that illumines the journey of human existence. Equally, we extend an invitation for your history to continue to be written with a tongue of fire in the power of the Holy Spirit. The language with which you proclaim the Good News will have words, assonances, accents, nuances and facts that are diversified by your ways of living consecration, in totally contemplative lives or in apostolic religious life, in praise of virgin hearts, and in the presence, industriousness and witness exercised in local Churches or the secularity of social contexts: always, and whatever the case, you can be an expression of the mission of the Church. Scent of the Holy Spirit and joy of the Gospel in the human city.

May Mary, ‘whose life is a rule of conduct for everyone’, accompany our journey and intercede, Mater misericordiae, for a joyous prophetic dedication to the Gospel!


  Celestino-P-Di-Giovamb   The meeting of the Superior General, the members of the General Consulta and the major Superiors of the Order took place on 9-16 October 2016 at the Centre National Cardinal Paul Zoungrana, which is located in the capital near to the ‘Centre Médical S. Camille’ of Ouagadougou.

During the meeting the fiftieth anniversary of the arrival of the Camillians in Burkina Faso was celebrated (the celebration took place on 16 October). The jubilee spirit was also the context to celebrate together the Canonical Erection of the new Camillian Province of Burkina Faso. The date of 13 October 2016 was chosen for this important event. This was the fifteenth anniversary of the death of Fr. Celestino Di Giovanbattista, a Camillian religious, a missionary in Burkina Faso for many years, and a parish priest for twenty years of the St. Camillus Parish of Ouagadougou who was killed while exercising his pastoral ministry visiting the inmates of the prison of Ouagadougou.


ImmagineThe international symposium on bioethics (SIB), organised by Fr. Jacques Simporè, took place on 17-18 October at the Cardinal Paul Zoungrana Centre. Fr. Leocir Pessini was one of those who took part.





2016-10-14-PHOTO-00000221The hurricane Matthew struck this island in the Caribbean on 5 October with winds greater than 240km a hour. There have already been 339 deaths.

With every day that passes, the damage and the deaths caused by the hurricane Matthew grow. More than a thousand deaths, tens of thousands of displaced persons, and incalculable damage to homes in the area of the city of Jeremie. The Camillians, with a small but active community, are at the centre of the disaster. The typhoon swept everything away with winds of over 240 kilometres an hour.

     Father Massimo Miraglio and Father Robert have spoken about death and destruction but above all else they have asked for help. There is a lack of medicines, food, water and places to take shelter. The Camillian hospital, which is currently under construction, has been damaged at a structural level but continues to offer what it can. The international team of the Camillian Disaster Service will reach the Foyer Saint Camille in Port-au-Prince in a few hours’ time. It is going to the site of the tragedy with the aim of supporting emergency action and beginning immediately to create the conditions for a structured initiative. Cholera, together with hunger, are a reality that can kill the most vulnerable parts of the population, and in particular children and the elderly.

     We are asking for help, for the economic resources that are needed to act in this emergency but above all to stop death and promote life.



LOGO UFFICIALE CADISDownload the invitation here  for the third annual meeting of the leaders of the Camillian Disaster Service International (CADIS) which will take place on 20 November to 1 December 2016 in Bangkok at the Camillian Pastoral Care Centre. The subject of the meeting will be ‘Constructing the Resilience of Vulnerable Communities through Pathways of Innovation, Partnership and Networks to Achieve our Goals by 2020’.

Invitation in ENGLISH




14500290_1135445343187146_8142148787132470755_oOne of the most touching moments of the second day of the visit of Pope Francis to Georgia was the meeting with those who are helped by the works of charity of the Catholic Church and with those who work in these works. The Supreme Pontiff visited the Redemptor hominis care centre of the Camillians where he was welcomed by the director of the institute and the director of Caritas Georgia.

Photographic Gallery
Video of the visit
Interview with the Superior General Fr. Leocir Pessini
Message of the Superior General to the religious of the Camillian community of Tbilisi (ITA/ ENG/ PT)


ddddddDownload here the brochure of the diploma in the theology of pastoral care of the UPASANA (Indian Institute of Pastoral Health Theology) Centre.

The logo symbolizes the ever loving care of Jesus who teaches u show to take care of the sick under the example of the New School of Charity, initiated by St. Camillus De Lellis, who four hundred years ago, had changed the health scenario of that time by his respect for the dignity of the sick and suffering. Upasana (learning at the feet of the Lord), which is the Indian Institute of Pastoral Health Theology, an institute run by the Ministers of the Infirm (Camillians in India), follows the footsteps of St. Camillus in the new venture of education of the healthcare personnel. The Red Cross at the centre symbolizes the sacrificial aspect of the care in giving life to the suffering people. The two hands symbolize the motherly care of the healthcare personnel who takes care of the sick as a mother who cares for her only child who is sick. This care is made incarnate through education ministry of Camillians whose motto is to educate to heal and to heal to humanize. Upasana, Indian Institute of Pastoral Health Theology is the unique Institute in India Which offers diploma program in Pastoral Health Theology and Bioethics and Human Dignity


3 (1)On 9 September 2016 a ceremony took place at the nursery school of Tyin near to Lotung. A competition was held during this event and our educational institution was the winner because of the quality of its approach and what it offers at an educational level.

On 11-14 September, following the lunar calendar, the full moon was celebrated. This is a family event and an opportunity to remember our ancestors. The Catholic Church, Christianising this traditional and cultural event, offered moments of common prayer.

On 22 September one of our medical doctors who works at our St. Mary’s Hospital received the ‘good doctor’ award. This is a prize that is awarded to only twelve medical doctors in the whole of Taiwan.


GARY-20160913_193026From Vietnam our fellow religious share some moments of celebration with children who are receiving cancer treatment as patients at the Gary Home Hospital.

Some celebrations to commemorate the arrival of autumn: sweets and coloured lanterns!




14468604_1094826920552576_3924744483952032278_oWe offer some pictures of the Holy Mass and the procession to celebrate the memory of the Blessed Luigi Tezza.

The celebration was presided over by Fr. Germán Córdova and was a moment of encounter for the great family of St. Camillus. The procession went through the streets of our neighbourhood.

Photographic Gallery

ROME – the Hospital Chaplaincy of ‘St. John’

14462905_544844082387756_2216808048291631524_nOn the occasion of the feast day of the Blessed Luigi Tezza (26 September), a Holy Mass was celebrated that was animated by a small group of representatives of the Blessed Luigi Tezza Nursing School of Rome and the Daughters of St. Camillus.




giornata con te che sarai madreThe Mothers’ Open Day of 28 October 2016 at 9.00 to 4.00 at the Madre Giuseppina Vannini Hospital of Rome.

This was a special day dedicated to mothers. The obstetricians and medical doctors of the gynaecology, obstetrics, newly born children and anaesthetists department will be available to future mothers and fathers free of charge.




Father Felice Ruffini informs us…Nicola D’Onofrio

14316938_522522901280897_108126729715357867_nWe share with you the joy of seeing on the ‘Portal of the Eglise Paroissiale Saint Cesaire’ of Porticcio di Gosseto-Prugna, Corsica, amongst the great saints of our time, the face of our young Camillian Nicola D’Onofrio. It was discovered by the young Pole Mateusz Nowacki, who greatly esteems, and is very devoted to, our ‘Venerable’.





ROME – the Parish of St. Camillus

amatriceThrough a family of the parish that comes from Amatrice, the community has managed to get into contact with the parish priest of the area. Emergency aid has been given to people afflicted by the earthquake and this aid was collected by many parishioners and benefactors.





ROME – the International Conference of Camillian Chaplains

9     On 4-6 November 2016, at the generalate house of the Brothers of Christian Schools (Lassalians) of Rome, the international conference of Camillian chaplains will be celebrated. The meeting will revolve around the topic: ‘Hospital Chaplaincies at the Heart of Camillian Ministry’.




     Our best wishes go to the young Camillian religious who in recent days have gone through important stages of their Camillian vocational journey.

99F1FD0F-A0FA-4528-967E-AB8CF0553A2A     Aécio Honorato Da Silva, a religious of the Province of Brazil, on 18 September 2016 made his perpetual religious profession at the ‘Nossa Senhora da Boa Esperança’ Parish, Pinhais/PR,  PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY.



  _MG_9111 Rid.   Nicola Docimo, of the Province of North Italy, on 8 October 2016, surrounded by the friendships and prayers of his fellow religious and friends, made his perpetual religious profession at the Church of Santa Maria del Paradiso, Verona.

Invitatation to his ordination as a deacon


14441176_1108963069139409_6563728175523108078_n   Marco Specchia and Antonio Ricci, of the Province of Rome, on 2 October 2016, at the end of their journey of the novitiate, made their first religious vows at the Church of Sant’Urbano in Bucchianico, Chieti.



14519794_1106349206067153_41742080625698822_n     Antonio Zinni, of the Province of Rome, on 8 October 2016 received his priestly ordination at the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Vasto, and celebrated his first Holy Mass on 9 October 2016 at the Church of San Pietro in Sant’Antonio (Vasto – CH).




provincia spagnolaThe LARES Federation, which organises care for the elderly, on 28 September 2016 celebrated its twentieth anniversary. A special award was given to Br. Salvador Pellicer, a Camillian religious who was president of the association for the period 2000-2008. Br. Jose Carlos Bermejo expressed his gratitude, together with the other presidents of the federation. Amongst these was also Br. José Ignacio Santaolalla who was president of the federation for the years for the period 2009-2013.

A story of communion and service for the elderly.

The Delegate General of the Province of Spain and the Delegate of the Camillian community of Argentina had a meeting with Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires. For more information click here



The first group of the Lay Camillian Family in Valencia has been created. Seven lay people have committed themselves to helping the sick and to following the example of St. Camillus. They are:

  • Inmaculada Llinares,
  • Gabriel Hernández Molero,
  • María de los Ángeles Lopez Hervás,
  • María del Carmen Salavert Montes,
  • María José Sánchez Martinez,
  • Miguel Llacer Llacer, and
  • María Luisa Bonilla Hernández.


camillianumOn Wednesday 23 November 2016, at the Camillianum, the inauguration of the academic year 2016-2017 will be held in the presence of the Superior General Fr. Leocir Pessini, Prof. Palma Sgreccia, the Dean of the Institute, and H.E. Msgr. Enrico dal Covolo, the Rector of the Pontifical Lateran University,  of which the Camillianum forms a part..

Download the invitation here

We would also like to draw your attention to the study seminar ‘Resilience to Alzheimer’s’



The Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers (for Health Pastoral Care) has organised its thirty-first international conference which will be held in the New Hall of the Synod (Vatican City) on 10-12 November of this year. The general subject will be ‘Towards a Welcoming and Supportive Culture of Health at the Service of People with Rare and Neglected Diseases’.

Inform in order to know; know in order to act; act in order to treat; treat respecting the life and the dignity of patients and the environment. A welcoming and supportive culture of health, with an outlook of hope towards the future.


annunciateOn 12 October last, at the auditorium of the Pontifical Urbanian University, the fourth letter was presented which the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life
had addressed to all consecrated men and women: ANNUNCIATE. Ai consacrati e alle consacrate testimoni del Vangelo tra le genti  (‘Proclaim. To Consecrated Men and Women: Witnesses to the Gospel amongst Peoples’. This letter was published by Libreria Editrice Vaticana.

Rejoice’ – circular letter to consecrated men and women
Peer – to consecrated men and women journeying with the signs of God
Contemplate’ – third letter to consecrated men and women




holy ween     On Monday 31 October of this year, the eve of the feast day of All Saints, with the cooperation of the Daughters of St. Camillus, we will dedicate the evening to prayer and to adoration of the Eucharist, meditating on some great figures of holiness who can continue to inspire our Christian vocation.

Invitation to this prayer event





ImmagineOn 16 November 2016, at 19.00, in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, we will celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Health. The celebration of vespers will be presided over by H.E. Cardinal João Braz de Aviz, the prefect of the dicastery for religious. In the context of this celebration, the young Camillian professed Nicola Docimo will be ordained a deacon.

Invitation to the Celebration of the Eucharist and the Ordination of a Deacon


14440926_1128886220509725_5892863024247935060_nThe relic of the heart of St. Camillus – as is always the case! – provoked great emotion during its pilgrimage to the patients and the health-care workers of the hospital of the Daughters of St. Camillus; to the workers of charity and the volunteers of the Lay Camillian Family who cooperate with our religious; and to the patients, the workers and the volunteers of the ‘Maso san Pietro’ (Pergine) – an institution for the mentally ill. The pilgrimage of the relic in the streets of the city, its entrance into the cathedral, and the celebration that was presided over by the Archbishop for the Jubilee of the Sick were a worthy conclusion to this visit of the heart to Trento!



14433020_925076997627311_2316292460697402260_nWe share with you the Message of the Superior General (ITA/ENG) that was sent at the end of his pastoral visit (15-26 September 2016) to the Province of Sicily and Naples. On this visit he was accompanied by Br. J. Ignacio Santaolalla.


On 9 October, at the Nicola D’Onofrio Studentate of Acireale (Sicily), the pathway of the postulancy began for four young men of the South of Italy: Luca Apreda, Francesco Patti, Salvatore Barbagallo and Domenico Marino. They will be accompanied by the formation team which is made up of Br. Carlo, Fr. Hubert Goudjinou (master of the postulants in Rome as well), Fr. Vincenzo Di Blasi and Fr. Luigi Maglione. This first year will be completely dedicated to full immersion in Camillian spirituality and ministry and this will be done in the Camillian social/care works of the local area of Acireale.


The Delegation of KENYA

Four young temporary professed of the Delegation of Kenya have been admitted to perpetual profession. They are:

Atandi Gekonyo DennisAtandi Gekonyo Dennis,




Kamuya Makau PatrickKamuya Makau Patrick,




Mawangi Kariuki JohnMawangi Kariuki John, and




Nthenge Mutuku DominicNthenge Mutuku Dominic.




These young men will make their perpetual professions on 9 November 2016 in Nairobi (Kenya).


In 20-25 October of this year, in Bogota (Colombia), Fr. Leocir Pessini will take part in the meeting

DSCN0813of the Commission for Pastoral Care in Health of the CELAM (the Bishops’ Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean).

On 4-6 November of this year, Fr. Leocir Pessini will take part in the international meeting of Camillian chaplains in Rome.

On 13-20 November of this year, Fr. Leocir Pessini will visit the Camillian communities of the Province of Germany in Europe.

On 23-25 November of this year, Fr. Leocir Pessini will take part in the six-monthly meeting of the Union of Superior Generals USG) in Rome.

On 25 November to 6 December of this year, Fr. Leocir Pessini will visit our religious of Haiti accompanied by Fr. J. Cipriano.


‘See, now they vanish, the faces and places, with the self which, as it could, loved them. To become renewed, transfigured, in another pattern’ (T.S. Eliot)

14573044_1102063369828931_558995321906664850_nFATHER GIUSEPPE VILLA CERRI (1933-2016) died in Peru on 14 October of this year after a long experience of missionary work in that country.

‘Now they live in Christ whom they met in the Church, followed in our vocation, and served in the sick and the suffering. Trusting that the Lord, the Holy Virgin our Queen, St. Camillus, the Blessed Luigi Tezza, the Blessed Giuseppina Vannini,  and our deceased religious brothers and sisters, will welcome them in their midst, we commend them in our prayers, remembering them with affection, esteem and gratitude’.


superioriWe offer below the series of names of the Superior Generals who have followed one another during the four hundred years of history of our Order and a list of the General Chapters that have accompanied the development of the Institute.