Nicolino on the Portal of the Eglise Paroissiale Saint Cesaire

1. «NICOLINO» sul Portale della «Eglise Paroissiale Saint Cesaire» di Grosseto-Prugna Porticcio in CORSICAWe share with you the joy of seeing on the ‘Portal of the Eglise Paroissiale Saint Cesaire’ of Porticcio di Gosseto-Prugna, Corsica, the face of our young Camillian NICOLINO amongst the great saints of our time!!!

     It was discovered by the young Pole Mateusz Nowacki, who greatly esteems, and is very devoted to, our ‘Venerable’, on the ‘Facebook’ of Monsieur ‘Alexandre Livrelli Sampieri, Président du Sivom presso President de la Rive Sud du Golfe d’Ajaccio, Presidente presso Sivom des Ecoles de Porticcio e 1er ADJOINT AU MAIRE presso Mairie de Grosseto Prugna Porticcio’ from whom we received the authorisation to publish it ourselves.

A large double THANKS to ‘Monsieur Alexandre’ with the hope that the young Venerable Nicolino will help us in our multiple commitments in public life, in a spirit that is strongly Christian and inspired by the great saints for whom Monsieur Alexandre has so much devotion and esteem.

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We thank Fr. Felice Ruffini for drawing our attention to this news