On the road to Damascus – ‘You did it to me’


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The epidemic calls and they answer. They are priests, sisters and lay people of the Great Family of St. Camillus de Lellis who, without any hesitation, have entered the fray against covid-19, today like yesterday, when they were born, in that distant year of 1586 when the plague was at its height. They professed the so-termed ‘fourth vow’, that of helping the sick even when this involved a threat to their lives. To speak about the contemporary relevance of the Camillian vocation, in front of the microphone of Eva Crosetta, will be Fr. Sergio Palumbo, who will also remember how many Camillians have lost their lives for other people, beginning with Br. Leonardo Grasso, who died amongst the flames of the tent of charity in Catania where he looked after drug addicts and people with AIDS. ‘The loneliness of this time’, said Fr. Sergio, ‘can be filled through our nearness, through proximity, through our being with those who suffer’. In the programme of Vito Sidoti there are also the testimonies of Sister Gemma, Sister Laura and some volunteers, who look after, care for and love, as a mother loves her frailest child. To end the programme the mission of the Camillians in Casoria (NA), with the St. Mary of Compassion Hospital, where the right to health of everyone is defended in a resolute way: that of hope. Directed by Paola Vannelli.


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on the road to Damascus – S2020/21 – ‘You did it to me’ – Video – RaiPlay