Our martyrs to charity. The letter of the General Consulta of February 1994

On 2 February 1994 we officially instituted the Day of Camillian Religious, Martyrs to Charity, to be celebrated every year on 25 May, the anniversary of the birth of our saint, Father Camillus. We came to this decision because we wanted to implement a decision taken by the General Chapter of 1989: ‘The General Consulta should study a way of commemorating our martyrs to charity, if possible establishing a shared day for this for the whole of the Order’.

However, in the period after this assembly this motion was forgotten about. In 1990 the Superior General referred to the subject in one of his messages and invited us ‘to have a more forceful contact with our past, in particular with that array of religious who sacrificed their lives on the altar of care for the sick’.

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Read here the letter of Cardinal Angelo Sodano on the occasion of the institution of the Day of Camillian Religious, Martyrs to Charity.