St. Camillus Ashram: aivalayam Centre for Children with Disabilities


St. Camillus Ashram, being a unit of Sneha Charitable Trust and one of the ministry centers of St. Camillus Province, India, does a marvelous mission of taking care of children with multiple disabilities. This is a new initiative of the province. We know that any disability handicaps a person. Here we are trying to take care of children who are handicapped in many ways. This is something challenging and at the same a blessing.
We want all those who enter this home experience the presence of God. That is why we have named the center Daivalayam which means “house of God”. This is a humble attempt to share and eradicate the pain in the society. This is a compassionate response to the cry of the poor and suffering.
There are a lot of children thrown to the street like lifeless objects only because they are disabled. Therefore it is an attempt from our part to respond to the need of the time.

Though this ministry is really challenging, there is an amazing joy that brings to each one of us who cares for these little angels.

This new mission has not started in an overnight, but is the fruit of the sweat and blood of a few who tirelessly worked for its realization. Since it was a new venture for Camillians, the pioneers had to struggle a lot for making it a reality. They have faced so many problems like setting up the building, finding the funds for running the center, protest from the villagers, registration of the center etc.
Following the footsteps and the teaching of our saintly Founder Camillus, we take care of the children like a mother cares for her only son who is ill. In one way or other, all the children in this center are sick, who need 24×7 care and affection.

As we bring out this Annual Report, I would like to express my sincere thanks to God almighty for sustaining and guiding us. I also thank Rev. Fr. Baby Ellickal, our provincial who is constantly supporting and encouraging us, Bro. Antony Raj and Fr. Siby Kaitharan, the pioneers of this center for their hard work, all our staff for their true dedication and commitment, benefactors, and well-wishers for their timely help and thoughtfulness.

Benny Chengalikavil (camlliano)
Direttore del St. Camillus Ashram

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