Taiwan-Italy: the coronavirus, an Italian missionary has collected 3.97 million dollars for the emergency

Fund gathering by Taiwan for the fight against covid-19 in Italy ended today with a total of 3.97 million dollars collected in six days. This was reported by ‘Focus Taiwan’. Father Giuseppe Didone published a letter on 1 April of this year asking for donations to the centre for funds of the Camillian St. Mary’s Hospital of Luodong for the purchase of emergency supplies, amongst which surgical masks and protective clothes for medical personnel in Italy. Even though this fund gathering should have gone on until 15 April, Didone said today that he had decided for the moment to no longer accept other donations after the results that had been achieved thanks to the large-scale participation in the initiative by Taiwanese society. Didone, who came to Taiwan for the first time in 1965, has created special care centres for people with mental disabilities in the counties of Penghu and Yilan and now serves at the Camillian St. Mary’s Hospital in the municipality of Luilong in Yilan. In 2017 Didone and his deceased brother Antonio were among the six members of the Order of Camillians who have received Taiwan citizenship.