The Feast Day of St. Camillus, Venice, 2017

 The community engaged in a solemn celebration of the feast day of St. Camillus on 14 July.

To this celebration, in good time, we invited Msgr. Giuseppe Pellegrini, the Bishop of Concordia Pordenone, who is known by many Camillians (amongst whom Fr. Marino) because he was their companion in their theology studies at the San Zeno Theological Seminary of Verona. He honoured us with his presence.

We were accompanied in these celebrations by priests from the Lido and from Venice, by local dignitaries, by representatives of the security forces, by personnel of the institution, by patients and by elderly people.

An important moment was the presentation of the bishop by the outgoing Superior, Fr. Alessandro Viganò, who also officially presented Fr. Marino Marchesan as the new Superior of the community to all those who were present.

The feast day continued with a buffet which was followed by musical entertainment animated by ‘The New Origin’ Group who for years have been present with their songs and melodies.