The first Provincial Superiors elected by the General Chapter

479B6316The 57th General Chapter of the Ministers of the Infirm, ended  on Friday, May 17, nominated also the first General Superiors. We wish everybody a good work and a faithful and creative life!

– Austrian Province: Fr. Leonhard Gregotsch

– Brasilian Province: Fr. Leocir Pessini

– Philippine Province: Fr. Rolando Fernandez

– French Province: Fr. Andrè Pernet

– Italian Province: Fr. Vittorio Paleari

– Polish Province: Fr. Arkadiusz Novac

– Roman Province: Fr. Emilio Blasi

– Siculo-Neapolitan Province: Fr. Rosario Mauriello

– Spanish Province: Fr. Jesus Maria Ruiz Irigoyen

– German Province: Fr. Siegmund Malinowski

– Thai Province: Fr. Paul Cherdchai


– Vice Province Benin-Togo: Fr. Guy Gervais Ayité

– Vice Province Burkina Faso: Fr. Paul Ouedraogo

– Vice Province India: Fr. Baby Illickal

– Vice Province Perù: Fr. Enrique Gonzalez