The Relic of the Heart of St. Camillus de Lellis in Indonesia (April 2 -30, 2019)

On the occasion of the ten year anniversary of the Camillian Delegation (2009 -2019), the relic of the Heart of St. Camillus arrived in Indonesia to mark the historical and important event. After two long months spent in the Philippines (February and March),  the relic of the Heart of St. Camillus arrived in Jakarta on April 2, 2019 and remained in the country until April 30, 2019.  Three the dioceses visited, namely: Ruteng, Maumere and  Jakarta, for which there was the need of a special permit from its Archbishop.

On April 4, 2019 the Relic was brought  to the Diocese of Ruteng, where the Camillians have a  formation house with 20 aspirants. In the twelve days spent there, the Relic was brought to several parishes and hospitals. Many people were attracted and pray in front of the heart of St. Camillus. Some people were touched and experienced the healing power of their prayers to the Saint Patron of the sick. Others spent hours of veneration in front of  relic feeling that Camillus still can intercede for miracles for them.

On April 13 the relic was transferred, by plain, to the diocese of Maumere where is located the bigger Camillian community with 40 seminarians in philosophy, 6 novices and 15 religious.

The people of Maumere were really excited to see, for the first time, the lovin heart of  the Patron of the Sick, Health Care Personnel and Hospitals.  In fact, many people went to the airport to welcome the precious relic. Then, a long 10 Km. motorcade was organized to accompany the Relic from the airport to the Camillian formation community in Nita.  At the gate of the seminary, the seminarians welcome with great joy and deep emotion the “physical heart” of the St. Camillus with traditional dances as a sign of honor and veneration to their Founder.

Then, a welcome message was delivered by the Superior Delegate, Fr. Luigi, expressing the happiness for the coming of the precious gift which was awaited in Indonesia for more than 400 years. The presence of Relic of St. Camillus in Diocese of Maumere was a blessing for all, but especially for the sick. People were  excited to see and to pray in front of the heart of St. Camillus. The places which have the privilege to host the relic: Cathedral of Maumere,  St. Elisabeth Hospital of Lela , St. Gabriel Hospital of Kewapante , General Hospital of Maumere and two Parishes, were almost “invaded” by hundreds of  people who wanted to see the loving “heart” of the Saint and make prayers of intercession for their spiritual, physical and, maybe, material needs.

Touching were the moments in the hospitals when the “relic of the Saint” passed in front of the bed of every patient. Tears of joy were falling down from the eyes of many patients in those short encounters. The “big heart” of the Saint seemed to give them new trust and hope of life.

On Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019, at 5:00 Pm there was in the chapel of  the Camillus Seminary, a concelebrated thankgiving Holy Mass, presided over by the Bishop of Maumere,  Mgr. Ewaldus Sedu, Pr. Uncountless the people present who wanted to have the last opportunity to meet and to pray in front of  the “Heart” of St. Camillus de Lellis. 

In his message, at the end of the ceremony,  Bishop Edwaldus said: “ on behalf of the faithful people of Diocese of Maumere I would like to say many thanks to the  Camillians for bringing the relic of the Heart of St. Camillus  to the Diocese of Maumere. May the presence of this Relic inspire many more people in our diocese”.

On April 22, 2019 the relic was brought to Jakarta where it remained for more than a week visiting two big catholic hospitals and two parishes. Even there many were people, especially the sick, who spent time in prayer in front of the  precious “Heart”.

It was also touching to hear the observations of some doctors and nurses who heard for the first time about the life and the work of St. Camillus. The presence of “ his heart”, they said, makes us feel in love with his charism and spirituality which saw in the sick the presence of Jesus Himself and wanted us to be like Him when we serve them.  Now, they added, we understand better that our medical profession can become a “mission” every time we are near and serve the sick.

Truly, the Saints can still impress and do marvelous things in every moment and place

they go like St. Camillus who touched so many hearts during his first visit to Indonesia which occurred 400 years after his death in Rome. For this, many expressed the desire to have back soon to Indonesia the loving Heart of St. Camillus.

Maumere, 2 May 2019