The Team of the Camillian Task Force and Caritas India has Reached Swara

11187188_869224339791045_207223277864604471_o2-3 May. The team of the Camillian Task Force and Caritas India has reached Swara, the beneath the epicentre of the earthquake. They met a group of sisters of the Order of Jesus the Good Shepherd who had organised a medical camp but had medical products sufficient only for a week. Once the camp was completed with the arrival of medical products and new CTF volunteers from India, Brother Madhu and others set off for Barpak and Larpak where hitherto no one has arrived with help. The villages nearest to the area of the epicentre can be reached only on foot because the roads were completely destroyed by the earthquake.

They have to establish new medical camps but also produce tents for those members of the population who no longer have a roof over their heads. The population needs everything: kits to produce water that is drinkable, medical products, foodstuffs, tents and other essential material.

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