The Year of Consecrated Life – Fr. Pietro Magliozzi

The Year of Consecrated Life begins today, 30 November. This is an important appointment to pray, reflect, dialogue, convert, act…in relation to our choice to have a ‘Camillian’ consecration. We offer a simple initiative which will unfold during the whole of this year (29 November 2014–2 February 2016) to keep attention towards, and reflection upon, our consecrated lives alive: OUR personal witness!

We invite you to put this on PAPER (one/two/three pages, if you want with your photograph) and/or a VIDEO (4/5 minutes, using a smartphone or a tablet or other simple devices) – using your language or the one you prefer – and to send it to the general secretariat ( these testimonies will then be steadily made available on our web site during the whole of the year 2014-2016. A few lines on paper and/or a few minutes on a video to express:

  • An aspect of your idea of Consecrated Life
  • And/or your personal way of living it
  • And/or your wish for a renewed dynamic of Consecrated Life

During this Year there will not be only an abstract IDEA of Consecrated Life but also a COLLECTION/GALLERY of REAL CONSECRATED MEN (all of us!).

We ask you – if you wish to join the initiative and this is possible for you! – to send us your written text and/or video by the end of November 2014, or at the latest by the feast day of the Immaculate Mary (8 December 2014).

Today we share with you the testimony of Fr. Pietro Magliozzi, a Camillian of the Province of Rome who for years has been engaged in service in Chile.

The apostolic letter of the Holy Father Francis to all consecrated men and women on the occasion of the Year of Consecrated Life 2014/2016

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