Update Nepal 13/05/15

11223625_872819156098230_657734786682227931_oA fresh 7.3 magnitude quake hit the eastern part of the capital in a hilly area close to the border with Tibet which provoked landslides in Himalayan valleys near Mount Everest. When the earthquake happened, the CTF medical team led by Bro. Madhu, a Camillian religious was on their way to Kashigaun, northern central Nepal village. Bro. Madhu said: “I could see landslides close by, but we continued to walk towards our destination. We are all safe. I could say a lot of helicopters hovering around.”

The second CTF medical team was in Machagaun. Fr. Teji, a Camillian religious and Mr. Royce led the team. They reached the place safely and set up their tents. Fr. Teji reported that in the village almost all houses were destroyed and people are camping outside. “Houses rolled down the hills. Last night a heavy downpour and a strong were felt. But this morning, it was so calm.”

1960816_872819146098231_3406609258045557564_oToday, Fr. Teji said, “we begin the second day of the medical camp in Machagaun. We have seen already 110 patients. Most of them are complaining of skin allergies, bruises, giddiness, body pains and high blood pressure.” A while Bro. Madhu and his team have reached their destination and they begin also their medical camp.