Update Nepal 16/05/15

11245803_873633996016746_1026431569262302338_nHi dear all
We reached ward 3 of Manbu VDC in the morning.  Some young boys came to carry the medicine. The Nepal army camped here  in Manbu help us from the time we are here to fix the Tent other local arrangements,  translation, controlling the crowd etc. So far we treated 150 cases. We had to do many dressings and TT injections. Our medicines which were left in St Mary’s School Gorkha will be air lifted to our camp by Indian army Helicopter through the help of Nepal army stationed here.
We couldn’t open the mail for the assessment format as there’s no proper net work to download.
Today 7 30 am we felt a small earthquake or a stronger tremor. The people are really tensed when it occurs and cry loud calling their children. All the CTF VOLUNTEERS keep good and sound health in spite of minimum resting facilities, common food what’s available in the village, toilets etc.
Every day we gather together and evaluate about the day and plan for tomorrow. The gynecologist Dr  Sr.Leelamma FCC could help an 8 mth pregnant woman yesterday. All volunteers are happy to carry out a selfless service for the poor victims sacrificing their health.
Let’s keep them all close to our heart. May St Camillus the pioneer of Camillian Task Force intercede for us. May the Lord bless all those who support us.
P. Tiji