Update – Nepal Quake – May 9, 2015

1Dear All,
Our full medical team has reached Gorkha and are staying at St Mary’s convent. Sr Shobha and Sr Smitha would be the contact person here. The contact number I have shared in whatsapp.
We have divided into 2 groups and Sisters here are helping us in talking with the Health officer in arranging the places for the camp.

We are now concentrating on Swara and Gumda region in Gorkha district. Apparently no one has gone to Gumda Region so Team A will be going there directly tomorrow. Team B will go first to Swara region tomorrow to cover 2 wards there and then will join Team B at Gumda after 2-3 days. After 5-6 days of camp we will be coming back to Gorkha at St Mary’s convent.
We will not be having power once we travel to site and hence we will switch on the phone only at NST 7.30 am and 7:30 pm for few minutes to send you messages.

Have a good evening ! Best Regards,
Royce Abraham