Which future for the Camillians in France? Two days of shared thought and analysis.

The Camillians of the French Delegation organised two days of meetings to reflect upon their future.

Guided in their discussions by Mrs Sylvia Gollini, an expert in communications, the meeting allowed an analysis of the work of the Province and its charism, as well as the outlining of some recommendations to be followed.

This was a moment to share hopes, fears and uncertainties about the future of the ‘Camillian Project for the Revitalisation of the Order’ which invites us to engage in creative faithfulness.

The Camillian Delegation of France at the present time has eighteen religious, of whom two come from Burkina Faso. They have an average age of between 78 and 81.

This process of discernment concentrated on the future of the Camillians in France.

The Camillian charism is still present in the country but it must be revitalised given the very low number of religious who are still active in health-care centres. The development of a partnership would therefore allow us to maintain an increasingly active presence, a presence hoped for by patients and hospital staff.

This is a period of change of which the confreres of the Delegation of France are conscious. These days allowed a dialogue and from this dialogue an attempt will be made to start afresh with greater hope to achieve a revitalisation of the Camillian charism in France in order to continue to offer our spiritual, moral and fraternal accompanying to our frailest brothers and sisters.