Old things

We offer below the series of names of the Superior Generals who have followed one another during the four hundred years of history of our Order and a list of the General Chapters that have accompanied the development of the

The Franciscan family does not have many hierarchical ranks. It is made up of sisters and brothers. Poverty, however, receives a special appellation – it is Our Lady. It is not only a sister like the moon or water. To

Occupying the first place in the hierarchy of beings is man and more particularly man when he is sick. Pity towards the suffering is a natural feeling in Francis. He cared for the sick even before his conversion and he

Contrary to appearances, Francis and Camillus meet in the same vision of the world not so much because both of them perceive the creation as the teaching of revelation but, rather, because they refer it to Christ, thereby bringing out

The celebration of the centenary of men of the character of Francis of Assisi and Camillus de Lellis cannot avoid the question of the contemporary relevance of their messages. When reading the writings of St. Francis and the testimonies of


In the rich heritage of artistic works kept in the house and the Church of Mary Magdalene, the wooden statue portraying the Immaculate Mary occupies a position of primary importance. This valuable image, which was probably produced during the second

San Camillo e i Cappuccini

We know from Cicatelli about the esteem that Camillus had felt for this Order ever since he was a young man. The first encounter he had with it remained of fundamental importance: ‘In the city of Fermo (while he was