The identity card

The ‘Identity Card was the outcome of a process that began with the Conference of Seiano (NA) in May 2003. On that occasion, the Order set in motion a process for the review of the identity and the missions of its own social/health-care institutions (Our Works).The result of that consultation and those that were to follow was the ‘Identity Card’ which was approved by the General Consulta at the end of 2003. It summarises the principles and the spirit that should permeate our Camillian works so as to be, through ‘the promotion of health, the treatment of disease and the relief of pain’ (Constitution n. 45), a sign of the Kingdom.

The ‘Identity Card’ thus indicates the ineluctable points that define each Camillian work, to be adopted not only by religious but also by men and women co-workers, linking them together in a therapeutic alliance.