Blessing and Opening of Daivalayam, a care home for children

Camillians in India, alongside clergy and religious sisters from nearby communities, and well-wishers, gathered on April 8th, 2024, to witness the momentous blessing and inauguration of Daivalayam—a newly established home dedicated to children with multiple disabilities. This event was a major step forward in the mission to provide care and support for the differently-abled, reflecting the compassionate service of Camillians.

The ceremony was gracefully led by Fr. Bijoy, the provincial superior of St. Camillus province of India, whose efforts have been central to the mission’s success. In addition to Fr Bijoy, key figures such as Fr. Shiju, the Superior, Fr. Jaison, the Administrator, and Fr. Bobit also played crucial roles in bringing Daivalayam to its function. Their hard work and dedication were highlighted throughout the event, acknowledging their significant contributions to this mission.

The day started with a Holy Mass presided over by Fr. Bijoy. During the homily, Fr. Bacil underlined the inherent dignity of each individual and the Christian duty to serve all, particularly those in greatest need as the Word became flesh among us. This message resonated deeply, setting a profound tone for the inauguration.

Following the Holy Mass, Fr. Bijoy led the blessing of Daivalayam. Fr. Teji opened Daivalayam by cutting the ribbon and Fr. Bacil and Bro. Madhu unveiled the inscription table. The inauguration ceremony showcased Daivalayam‘s state-of-the-art facilities, which are designed to meet the diverse needs of children with multiple disabilities. The home is equipped with emphasizing accessibility, safety, and comfort.

Fr. Bijoy, in his address, expressed heartfelt gratitude towards donors, volunteers, pioneers and community members whose generosity made Daivalayam possible. He emphasized the ongoing need for community support to sustain and expand the home’s operations. The parish priest, Child Welfare Committee (CWC) chairman, District Child Protection Officer, and Assistant Government Pleader shared the words of blessings and appreciation. The presence of Camillian fathers and brothers from different communities doubled the joy.

The event concluded with a community meal, providing a chance for attendees to connect and discuss future collaborative efforts. The overall sentiment was one of joy and communal commitment to the success of Daivalayam.

Daivalayam now stands as a testament to the strength of faith and community in action, offering a nurturing environment where children with disabilities can flourish with dignity as children of God. It represents hope, care, and the unyielding belief in the potential of every individual.

Fr. Tinto MI