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The history of Camillian missions is almost a secular history. In the 17th century, the first century of the Order’s life, Camillian religious were engaged in Italy, where there were lots of dramatic situations with the repeated epidemics and pestilences,

Immagini della professione temporanea dei confratelli neo professi Melco Albeiro Hortúa, Jesús Aníbal Semanate e Franco José Miranda (6 gennaio 2021, cappella di San José – Casa Betania – Bogotà).

Missione Salute N.5/2020 pp.14-15 By Fr. Augusto Chendi The deaths in loneliness and the coffins with no one to watch over them, which the pandemic has forced us to witness, have eroded the most characteristic trait of our being human:

Hanno collaborato alla realizzazione di questo progetto: Suzette Dinis-Burtin Responsabile Editions du Signe; Michel Tritscher rappresentante per i fumetti; Mariano Valsesia illustratore incaricato della realizzazione del fumetto; sceneggiatura Marisa Patarino. Dal blog: Con cuore di Madre