CADIS – Appeal for Emergency Help in Wajir (Kenya)

Recently, a severe drought struck in the northeastern part of Kenya (Wajir), which left severe consequences on livestock and agriculture. Wajir is one of the arid and semi-arid (ASALS) regions of Kenya. After a rapid needs assessment, gaps were identified, such as food, livelihood (agro-pastoral), water, and health. CADIS Kenya is starting an emergency relief response in Wajir West in the coming weeks. We also plan to organize recovery and resilience programs during the post-relief phase, including food security (sustainable farming), water provision, and health and sanitation.

The drought has been affecting vulnerable populations resulting in food insecurity and malnutrition. For the last two years, Wajir has not received rainfall, resulting in a severe impact on people’s livelihood, agriculture, livestock, and health. Combining all these with the current effects of Covid 19 in the country, life becomes miserable, especially in this region.

The shortage of food supply has led to high demand in the market and escalation of prices beyond the average purchasing power capacity of the people. The food security situation in Wajir county is deteriorating every day caused by a lack of water for human and livestock consumption. This contributed to massive livestock mortality, increased rates of malnutrition, and health complications. Urgent intervention is required to arrest the situation.

CADIS Kenya’s intervention program aims to: reduce the incidence of malnutrition by 50% through food distribution to 4.000 families, improve the livelihood of the beneficiaries by 50% through the distribution of livestock food and mobile clinic.
On November 14, 2021, the Catholic church will celebrate the World Day of the Poor. Pope Francis has this appeal to us: “It is my hope that the celebration of the World Day of the Poor, […], will grow in our local Churches and inspire a movement of evangelization that meets the poor personally wherever they may be. We cannot wait for the poor to knock on our door; we need urgently to reach them in their homes, in hospitals and nursing homes, on the streets and in the dark corners where they sometimes hide, in shelters and reception centers.”

You may send your contribution to the following:
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Thanks for your generosity. May God continue to protect you!