Camillians in Spain: A Shift Towards a Person-Centered Culture

Since 2019, the Centro San Camillo has been engaged in a secure process of eliminating restrictions. As a result of this work, to improve the quality of care and consolidate a comprehensive care model free from restrictions, the centre has received the “No Sujetes” certification from the Dignitas Vitae Association.

Francisco Javier Rodríguez, head of care management, and Laura Steegmann, nursing director received this recognition from Ester Mico, the representative of Dignitas Vitae.

After overcoming the stages of awareness and implementation, this process now concludes with consolidation, an accreditation that acknowledges the San Camillo Center’s journey in providing unrestricted care. We always prioritize the dignity of the person and foster their care.

“This represents a shift in the care model, as we have moved from a protective culture to one centered on the person,” emphasizes Laura Steegmann.

The certificate indicates that the necessary changes have been made in the organization to meet the evaluative requirements of the NO SUJETES program.

“Something made possible thanks to the involvement of the center’s team of professionals, to whom we are grateful and congratulate for their work,” added Francisco Javier Rodríguez.

And all the staff at the care center had to undergo various training activities to learn to provide care without physical or chemical restrictions and to recognize the rights of elderly people in situations of dependency, disabilities, or mental health problems. For this reason, the event was included in the center’s ongoing training programme for 2024.