Days of Pastoral Health Care by CONFER

Days of Pastoral Health Care observed on March 4th and 5th, 2024 at the headquarters of CONFER (Conference of Religious Institutes of Spain), focused on the humanization of healthcare. Brother José Carlos Bermejo, Provincial Superior of the Camillian religious in Spain, Cristina Muñoz, responsible for Training and Quality at the Centre for Humanization of Healthcare, and Fr. Arnaldo Pangrazzi from the community of Tres Cantos shared their visions and strategies.

Brother Bermejo emphasized the importance of humanization in all healthcare sectors. In his speech “The phenomenon of health humanization in Spain,” he stressed the need to integrate compassion and solidarity into patient care.

Cristina Muñoz, an expert in quality programs, provided keys to improving the relationship between healthcare personnel and patients. She emphasized the importance of considering the person integrally and promoting empathetic communication centred on the individual.
Arnaldo Pangrazzi, recognized for his expertise in pastoral health care, presented the “alphabet of the heart” as a tool for humanizing care. He emphasized the importance of understanding and managing the emotions of both patients and healthcare personnel.

In summary, the days provided a comprehensive view of humanization in healthcare, highlighting the importance of empathy, effective communication, and comprehensive patient care. These reflections indicate a future where humanization will be a fundamental part of medical care.