Nicolino Continues his Extraordinary Priestly Mission

12794509_1069986119691182_1207209888628091229_nOur young ‘Venerable Nicolino’ continues his ‘extraordinary priestly mission’ from high up in heaven!!!…and this is not only a ‘metaphor…a pious wish’: these are real facts which are frequently observed.

The latest announcement comes to us directly from Fr. Felice Ruffini who tracked down on internet an oil on canvas by a Portuguese painter, Ruben Ferreira, who in response to ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ answered as follows: ‘Thanks. Thanks for your message. I found an image of our beloved Nicola in the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene in Rome. Since then he became my friend. He is in my spiritual life since 2012.

   Father Ruffini points out to us, in addition, that this is the FOURTH person to be struck by that serene smile that bursts forth from the picture in the publications that refer to him, after the Chilean Rodrigo Serrano and the Frenchman Steen Heidemann, with that prestigious publication by Cantagalli of Sienna, ‘IL SACERDOTE IMMAGINE di CRISTO attraverso quindici secoli d’arte’ (‘The Priest as an Image of Christ down Fifteen Centuries of Art’), and the young  Corsican Deputy Mayor who put it on the portal of the ‘Church of Grosseto-Prugna Porticcio’.