Programme for the Ending of the Fourth Centenary at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene

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Dearest brothers, members of the Great Family of St. Camillus and all our friends,

Last year in Bucchianico, on 14 July, the jubilee year to commemorate the four hundredth anniversary of the going to heaven of St. Camillus de Lellis (14 July 1614-2014) begun. Two years previously, an organisational machine and one dedicated to sensitisation was set in motion which sought a renewed enthusiasm in living the charism of Camillus in the today of history with the challenges and the resources that every epoch offers. The individual communities, the Delegations, the Provinces and the whole of the Order have engaged in initiatives to make St. Camillus and his message of mercy towards the sick and the poor known about better and known about more.

Perhaps one could have done more, but a great deal has been conceived and implemented and I believe one should continue to propose to ourselves and to other people meaningful appointments to steward and advance the gift that the Lord has placed in our frail hands and in our hearts.

In presenting the programme of the celebrations for the ending of the jubilee year in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene – where St. Camillus lived, where he ended his pilgrimage on earth and where his mortal remains are kept and his most beloved relics are located – I hope that this place, the beating heart of the whole of the Order, will lead us to live in full and lasting joy, with feelings of hope and audacity that will enable us to respond and deal with the needs of suffering man so as to live the commandment of charity.

We welcome the invitation of the Superior General Father Leocir Pessini to be present, physically or spiritually, at the end of the jubilee year of 14 July in Rome so as to experience a strong moment of communion at the beginning of the mission the new central government of the Order for the whole of the Order and the great family of St. Camillus throughout the world.

It would be a fine thing to be able to celebrate 14 July at 21.30 (the moment when St. Camillus died) in all the communities of the Order with a prayer vigil: the Transit, the last days on earth of Camillus. We will publish this as soon as possible on the sites of the Order.

We invoke ‘the thousand blessings of St. Camillus’ upon all of us!

Fraternal salutations!

Brother Carlo Mangione


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